A book paying tribute to shelter dogs, their caregivers & their new families.
About the Author

Hi, I’m Julie Chalpan, and I hope you enjoy reading Titan’s Tales as much as I did talking to all of the wonderful people in the book and writing down their stories.

Since Titan is getting older, I wanted to write down tales about him, so that I can always remember some of his funny, wonderful stories.  As many people do, I got the idea at 3 a.m. one morning to not just tell his story, but several stories of rescue dogs and their parents.  The idea for Titan’s Tales and Other Dog Adoption Love Stories was born. 

When I’m not playing with shelter dogs, going to adoption events and other shelter dog-related activities, I manage my public relations firm, Focus Unlimited, where I serve as president. 

This is such a happy ending (or hopefully “middle”) for me, as I had cardiac asthma as a child.  Not only could I not have a dog of my own, I could barely be near them.   I was blessed to outgrow the cardiac asthma and my allergies to dogs, and am so glad to be able to be Titan’s mama, as well as aunt to so many shelter dogs!


In February 2012 we found our baby girl, Cassiopeia, or Cassie for short, at Brooke’s Haven Animal Rescue in Bluffton, SC.  Just about eight weeks old, she had only been there a few minutes when I happened to drop by.  She, along with her three brothers, were brought to the low country, by Tallulah Trice of HAND, who rescued them, along with 45 other dogs in a hoarding situation near Chattanooga, TN.  Cassie (then Claire) was the only girl in the litter and I knew she needed to come home with me.  Sure enough, Keith went back with me and Cassie came home with us.  She and Titan have become inseparable – she loves her big brother and he loves his little sister (even when she’s a pest and bites his ears and chews on his back legs).  We are so blessed to have Cassie in our lives. 


In May 2014, Shelton, the big guy, came into our lives.  Raintree Jacks, a commercial turkey farm in Cassatt, SC, is run by a marvelous couple who have hearts for rescuing Jack Russell Terriers.  We made the drive to Cassatt to meet 11 JRTs they had at the time and suspected we would fall in love with Shelton, which we did. He’s middle-aged, at 5 or 6 or so. Cassie liked him almost immediately and we brought him home.  So many things about Shelton remind of us of our sweet boy, Titan, and we know that Titan would approve and love Shelton as much as we all do.
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